What is TPRS?

TPRS stands for Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Story-telling. Inventor Blaine Ray developed the process through years of following student results and collaboration with teachers and students. See wikipedia for more details.

What is TPR?

TPR stands for Total Physical Response. Dr. James Asher is its originator and is well-known for his work, research, and book Learning Another Language Through Actions.  It is a must read and you can see him in interviews on youtube…very interesting!

What is TCI?

TCI stands for Teaching with Comprehensible Input.  This an extension or evolution of TPRS. The main idea is that all information that is presented to students intends to be understood.  TPRS is a process that emphasizes using CI put there are other ways to do so.  If an individual is learning a language there will be evidence of CI.

What is Comprehensible Input?

Comprehensible Input is most famously discussed through the many works of Dr. Stephen Krashen.  “The Comprehension Hypothesis says that we acquire language when understand messages, oral and written.  When we develop linguistic competence in this way, our goal is is usually not to acquire language but to understand the message. The development of the language competence is a by-product.”

Why are there some many pictures?

This blog site sets out to capture moments of TPRS and share reflections.  Every teacher has their very own identity and I wish to show a little glimpse of my classroom and other teachers at work. All the work that I do is based on the work of others.  I am humbled to be able to teach and share my love of teaching and learning with others.

What are the most influential books you have read on these topics?

I have a personal long list…however, too much information can work against us.  In no particular order here is a list of authors and works that I started with.

1. Learning a Language through Actions by Dr. James Asher.

2. Fluency through TPR Storytelling by Blaine Ray

3. The Power of Reading by Dr. Stephen Krashen

4. Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina

5. Any book by Eric Jensen