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I asked Jamie Woodruff to come see me at the start of the new school year.  She is in Spanish 2 but no longer one of my students. She didn’t mind coming in and doing a story retell from 5-6 months earlier.  I didn’t prep her in anyway but I did tell her that I would help her keep the story going if she got stuck.  I also put up pictures from the MovieTalk that she is retelling.

You can tell in the video I hate seeing my students struggle but I wanted this to be as authentic as possible. This is a presentation of acquisition. What are the results of learning through a school year of teaching with comprehensible input? Can she discuss a variety of topics using a variety of vocabulary and grammar in her own unrehearsed way?

Will she have perfect grammar, pronunciation, or accuracy after a level 1 class? No way, no student will…she does an awesome job and will get better each week she is exposed to CI. Fluency can be defined as speaking with confidence, accuracy, and without hesitation.  After coming back from a summer break I am happy with these results.  Way to go Jamie!!!

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