A deskless classroom


This is the first time that I have been able to start the year without desks.  I do have 8 desks in the back that will come in handy for certain activities.  Mostly, I believe that this is changing the purpose and behaviors of why we are in class. My class sizes average 40 students and when we need to write we will use clipboards compliments of our local dollar store.

With large class sizes I believe students will be comfortable and the extra space allows me to be mobile and active throughout the room. I will share information and feedback as the year goes on…I am both excited and nervous for the change that this will bring!


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  • Hi Michael!

    I am writing a budget proposal to switch to a deskless classroom. What were the benefits and drawbacks for you?


    Lauren Tauchman 4 years ago Reply

    • The only draw back I can think of is the initial change in routine to students. They aren’t used to it…they think it is strange but when they see how class is conducted through storytelling they understand and like it. I do keep a few desks because there are some that benefit from being in a desk…

      The benefits include: more classroom space, more attentive students, no hidden cell phones, friendlier learning environment, and most of better opportunities for sparking creativity.

      Michael Coxon 4 years ago Reply

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