Michael Coxon – Tempe, Arizona

I grew up right outside of Chicago and for better or worse made the decision to live in a warmer climate by moving my life to Arizona in 2008. I am a dedicated teacher and life-time learner. I am always trying to evolve and become a better person in any way I can. This blog sets out to record and share my journey of using comprehensible input strategies in the classroom. Through TPRS, I have seen great success and want to journal my experiences and share with others.

Many TPRS teachers have great resources and I have long thought about how I can give to back to the TPRS community.  I set out to record TPRS teaching through photos and reflections.  I believe that TPRS has to be experienced in order to be fully realized.  I set out to do so through photography and short reflections. I try to keep the articles short and offer just enough information for others to develop their own style and personality of doing this. It is very interesting how each individual teacher creates their learning environment and express their teaching ability in their own way.

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Most of my 15 years of teaching experience has been at the high school level teaching levels 1, 2, and 3.  I have had the unique opportunity of teaching grades 1-12 and adult classes. At the start of the 2016 school year, I have altered my career a bit by working full-time for  TPRS Books and Workshops. TPRS has changed my life and the lives of my students in remarkable ways. I want to be part of that positive change for others by working teachers and students all over the world.