Administrator checklist for observing classroom


What does an evaluator see when they come into a classroom that is based on storytelling and comprehensible input? 

How does the American Council of Teaching a Foreign Language shape what FL teachers do or should do in a classroom? 

These are two very important and essential questions to share with those that might be observing this type of learning environment.  It might be assumed that the learning environment is teacher-led and/or lecture based. The reality is that lessons are actually guided by student learning.  Teacher communication is thoughtfully and strategically implemented.   This is the essential and most effective way to expose students to the target language and is the best way to optimize immersion in the classroom.  ACTFL discusses that the most crucial factor for students successfully moving through proficiency levels is the time and degree of immersion in the classroom.

In the photo below, I have a special spot for my checklists.  I want to empower those that evaluate or observe my lessons.  If some one is visiting what they are seeing is thoughtfully articulated on this guide. Here is just one example of many categories from an Admin checklist created by Bryce Hedstrom.

The teacher promotes grammatical accuracy
□ by briefly explaining the meaning of unfamiliar or new items
□ by using the unfamiliar or new items multiple times & in different contexts
□ by asking students to predict correct grammatical usage
□ by requiring increased accuracy as students progress
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