C.A.S.E. and the SUPER 7


As an undergrad History Education student one of my history professors said,”If you learn any one thing from me, remember this…CASE.”

CASE stands for Copy And Steal Everything.  This is not malicious in any way.  What Professor McDonald meant by this is, if you see a good idea out there, copy it and use it and make it your own.  He encouraged us to share ideas with others and to also give credit when credit is due.

Mike Peto had this on his blog and accordingly he gave credit to Terry Waltz.  Terry Waltz has articulated much of the content of my elevator speech as a language teacher (microfluency).

“I have 180 days with students so I seek to concentrate the language in order to boost comprehensibility, and increase the density of repetition in every single class with the backwards design of getting students to read.”

I want students to have higher cognitive functioning in the target language and I want them to love what they do.  I love the “Super Seven” and what it represents to the goal of mastery teaching. Every year, my goal is for the students to be able to achieve levels of proficiency using the above 7 in the past and present tenses. They meet this standard and I would argue go beyond these 7 high frequency grammatical concepts.



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