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Frustrated teaching novels?

Teachers have a common background. As part of their training, they focus on finishing a lesson or teaching a particular curriculum. TPRS is different in that it focuses less on a textbook-driven and pre-determined goals to focus instead on in-the-moment communication with the students in the classroom. A major focus

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The results of 27 students on the Ap Exam.

TPRS and AP results

Darcy Pippins of Norman, Oklahoma shared her 2014 AP Spanish Language and Culture results this summer. What is interesting to recognize is that achieving AP Exam success by acquiring language through only TPRS is possible. I will share some of what Darcy does.  Some results are from students that were

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CI resources by Bryce Hedstrom

This is a long overdue post to mention a superb teacher Bryce Hedstrom, who develops useful resources and trains teachers in teaching with comprehensible input. I love using Bryce’s materials. He often shares much of his products for free and other amazing materials for a modest cost. Bryce also is

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Word Walls


I have to say that the mileage for providing input using word walls this year has to be a record.  I teach both present and past tenses with beginning learners and even though I do this from the very beginning of the year, I never stop pointing to these.

Students see

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Feeding the Acquisition Monster

As teachers find their way with strategies and techniques for implementing and providing comprehensible input in their classrooms they will often come to questions such as, “How do I teach the capitals of Spanish speaking countries using TPRS?”  or “How do I teach subjunctive?”. This is a common dilemma as individuals

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Teaching documents from Grant Boulanger

Every teacher needs to communicate learning objectives to students, parents, and supervising colleagues. I love using Bryce Hedstrom’s Administrator checklist to help observers but there is a need to be transparent with students as well.

Grant Boulanger of Minnesota has shared some wonderful resources that can help teachers and students “check

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PropTalks and Piratas

The use of a prop is powerful in order to engage and reengage students in a discussion. Sometimes, I use props to start a lesson and the object is the focus of our discussion. Many circling techniques can be used while presenting with a prop. Simple, everyday objects help students

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A MovieTalk lesson

I strategically use MovieTalk lessons throughout the school year.  Since I want to maintain a degree of novelty in my classroom I try and wait until the second half of the school year before I start using a variety of MovieTalks.  Since I do conduct my classes around a department

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Wordle for storytelling

When I am working backwards from a story and teaching new vocabulary I sometimes have students make T-charts and I also like just plugging the story into   Just take any text of your story and Wordle will make a word cloud for you.  Sometimes you have to manipulate the

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C.A.S.E. and the SUPER 7

As an undergrad History Education student one of my history professors said,”If you learn any one thing from me, remember this…CASE.”

CASE stands for Copy And Steal Everything.  This is not malicious in any way.  What Professor McDonald meant by this is, if you see a good idea out there, copy

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