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Student results-2nd grade

Early fluency develops in the classroom because students hear and understand the new language. The constant goal is that students hear language enough times that they go from slow processing to fast processing the language with the goal of speaking without hesitancy.  Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg of Winnetka Public Schools shared this

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A MovieTalk lesson

I strategically use MovieTalk lessons throughout the school year.  Since I want to maintain a degree of novelty in my classroom I try and wait until the second half of the school year before I start using a variety of MovieTalks.  Since I do conduct my classes around a department

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Blaine Ray doing a MovieTalk

In this video Blaine Ray is serving as a guest teacher for a level 2 class.  I always enjoy watching him in action and I definitely picked up some new tips from this one.  We can observe step 2 of TPRS – Ask a story, along with MovieTalk, Student actors,

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Going Beyond MovieTalks

MovieTalks are now pretty common in a CI -based classroom. Teachers are sharing videos and creating lessons at a rapid pace. One can easily find clips that lend themselves to classroom topics or learning objectives.  With the internet, there is no doubt that the quantity of clips are endless but

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MovieTalk Demonstration

MovieTalk or MovieTalks as I like to call it, is a form of teaching with comprehensible input that uses any form of a video clip that the teacher narrates and creates discussion in the target language.  It is a very direct way to engage students in a story and use

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