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Asking questions in TPRS

There is something magical that happens in regards to language acquisition when we ask questions.  Questions require answers and this is an important way to engage students in classrooms.  I recently was reading an article from Bryce Hedstrom on the Basics of TPRS and adapted some of what

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Teaching grammar and telling stories

It is fairly common to come across other language teachers that misinterpret Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. As a TPRS trainer and aficionado of all things related to teaching with Comprehensible Input I hear teachers say something like, “Oh you don’t teach grammar.”

I restrain myself a bit when I

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Making TPRS look like school

I have noticed that once teachers start their path of falling in love with teaching with comprehensible input they start to to deal with the anxiety of what to do next. Those are real and authentic concerns.  TPRS demonstrations can be intoxicating. The thoughts rush through our heads about starting

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Teaching documents from Grant Boulanger

Every teacher needs to communicate learning objectives to students, parents, and supervising colleagues. I love using Bryce Hedstrom’s Administrator checklist to help observers but there is a need to be transparent with students as well.

Grant Boulanger of Minnesota has shared some wonderful resources that can help teachers and students “check

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“Read, Draw, Ask” Sub Plan

I am always wondering what I can leave behind for my students that allows them to develop their fluency, creativity, and doesn’t leave them frustrated. This assignment gives all types of learners an opportunity to shine at any time of the school year. This work originally comes from Crystal Barragan’s

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