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2015-05-11 13.34.11

Extended timed writing

502, 522, 638, 737, 706, 557,616, 587…these are word counts of a 20-minute writing activity from level 1 students. It should be noted that all the writings have errors in them. Are these errors a reflection of poor teaching or lazy students? ABSOLUTELY NOT! These students are able to show

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2015-03-30 12.47.39

Fluency writing examples

One way that I assess the fluency development of my students is through timed or speed writing. After my students have been exposed to a rich diet of Comprehensible Input via aural and reading strategies found in common practices in TPRS, I want to check and see what they can

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2015-03-31 19.18.32

Creativity with formative assessments

“Human minds yield helplessly to the suction of story.”  We have movies, sitcoms, soap operas, music, novels, news and even social media as evidence of human minds being attracted to stories.  Leveraging stories in the context of learning a language makes perfect sense.

Teaching with stories has been such a powerful

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Pirates of the Caribbean…

Pirates of the Caribbean...

Using student actors is powerful. Getting students to understand dialogue and narration and grammar and vocabulary is most effectively done with comprehensible input.

apunta la pistola especial

las espadas chocan

el mapa secreto para la isla secreta

“Henry defends himself well. Antonio has Henry between a

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