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Circling…the core of TPRS

Circling is a basic technique or skill of TPRS®. It always looks easier than it really is when one watches masterful storytellers. Circling is a way to make a statement repetitive by asking repetitive questions. Circling involves just one statement. Circling always starts with a statement.

Questioning during stories

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iFLT Language Learning Labs-2015

When it comes to teaching, I learn the most by watching others. Here are some clips of various teachers at iFLT 2015. One of the brilliant and unique things about iFLT is the ability for teachers to watch other teachers for a week with real students. The language learning labs

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Teacher Spotlight: Eric Herman

Eric Herman of Edgartown, MA has been sharing great information with the TPRS/TCI community for the past few years. He is a pretty amazing teacher and is so passionate about the research of Second Language Acquisition and getting the best results from his students in a loving way. I do

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Jason Fritze-Rockstar teacher

Jason is a rockstar TPRS teacher and his energy and style has been a tremendous inspiration to how I express TPRS.  He is energetic, interesting, enthusiastic, poised and a very effective teacher.  When I committed 100% to TPRS, I was somewhat embarrassed to be sweaty and tired after my classes. 

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Is CI a method?

I have a strong opinion about calling CI a teaching method. It has become common place for language teachers to use the term TCI (Teaching with Comprehensible Input) and to call CI a method.  I have done the same and I see a problem with it. Nowadays, information spreads so

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Collaborative Storytelling

Since I changed schools this year, I have been reluctant to record any of my own classes. However, I still think it is tremendously valuable to watch others.  There are so many layers to teaching in this way and I love that I keep on learning from what others do.

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Belizean Creole with Brian Peck

Brian Peck is a fabulous TPRS Spanish teacher from Michigan. I first met him at iFLT 2014 in Denver. This year I had the pleasure of spending time with him in the evening coaching sessions developed by Ben Slavic. Ben conducted his famous “War Room” sessions at iFLT 2015 but

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