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Keep Calm and Carry/Story On

I sometimes have doubts in TCI because results can be delayed.  We live in a world where we want results right away but I always remember…

“Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to transmit a message.  For centuries stories have been told and if the story is interesting in

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El día de los muertos

Videos can teach culture, history and language all while being entertaining. I think having a reading to go along with a Movietalk activity is a great idea. I think an embedded reading with MovieTalk is an even better idea.

I use the activity below after a solid week of TPRSing the

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Dr. Stephen Krashen

Warning: Name Dropping in effect!

In 2013, Stephen Krashen invited me to lunch during a workshop (China Buffet if you must know). He is the expert, guru, master, founding father, and advocate for doing what makes sense in education.  I love reading is work and trying to be a better language

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A deskless classroom

This is the first time that I have been able to start the year without desks.  I do have 8 desks in the back that will come in handy for certain activities.  Mostly, I believe that this is changing the purpose and behaviors of why we are in class. My

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This summer I was fortunate enough to go to San Diego and attend the International Forum on Language Teaching.  It was a successful conference.  Teachers from all over the world and country come to this conference along with  NTPRS.  It is a great opportunity for passionate teachers to share their

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