Frustrated teaching novels?

Teachers have a common background. As part of their training, they focus on finishing a lesson or teaching a particular curriculum. TPRS is different in that it focuses less on a textbook-driven and pre-determined goals to focus instead on in-the-moment communication with the students in the classroom. A major focus of TPRS is the provision of R.I.C.H. input (Repetitive, Interesting, Comprehensible, High-frequency).

In this quick video check out some tips for selecting novels:

1. Shorter and easier readers for beginners

2. Not trying to “finish” a novel

3. Focus on communication

4. Use short stories as a way to scaffold TPRS novels

5. Enhance interest during the novel might include:


• Dramatize interesting scenes
• Implement cultural videos
• Personalize topics from each chapter
• Use costumes or props
• Use audiobooks for the books
• Discuss readings in multiple tenses
TPRS proficiency process
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  • Right on, Mike. Awesome. I like the way you present these ideas (helpful, useful, clearly, and concise). I completely agree. The visual for the proficiency process is great!
    — Richard Baker. PS: Looking forward to NTPRS 2018 near Boston.

    Richard Baker 10 months ago Reply

    • Perhaps consider adding PQA to the far left, before Ask-a-Story? I think personalizing the lesson is crucial, interesting to kids, and a good place to start scaffolding..

      Richard Baker 10 months ago Reply

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