How I start the 1st week

In the context of teaching a Spanish 1 class I use these embedded readings along with Sr. Wooly’s “Puedo ir al baño” song.  I highly recommend getting subscription because it will make life easier and your students will have a blast learning through songs.  On days when you have lost your creative edge or energy…Sr. Wooly saves the day.

In the beginning weeks I use lots of TPRS’s Personalized Questions and Answers in order to get to know students and introduce language. Since it is the start of the new school year and we are all tired I tend to talk about liking and needing caffeine.  I insert myself in the PQA sessions but I really want to know what students like and need. This can last for several days and I use parallel characters and discuss as much as I can sticking to the grammar found in the embedded readings below. Eventually, I show the music video.  It serves the purpose of talking about classroom rules and exposes students to input that is found in the readings.

¿Puedo ir al bañoER


The above links are 4 versions of the same story.  They are word documents and you can edit them to fit your needs.

The hardest thing about sharing just a couple of readings and a video is the realization for a teacher to know that the MEAT of the opening weeks in a TPRS class is about what is developed through PQA. The video and readings are just the final destination.  The language in these resources are what will help you “stay in bounds.”  Wants, needs, goes, has, likes and can is already way too much language in a beginning class but it can be done if we are willing to take the time and go slow.  If you feel like you are coming to class and making natural and organic language….well you are.  Don’t be nervous! Talking to students works!

This is the time of year when I tell myself…”Go slow now to go fast later.”

This is an example of day 8 results with level 1 learners.  The students do this activity with partners as an entire class but I asked them if I could record an example for Back to School Night. There are some errors but this is day 8….they should be there.

Happy storytelling!

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