This summer I was fortunate enough to go to San Diego and attend the International Forum on Language Teaching.  It was a successful conference.  Teachers from all over the world and country come to this conference along with  NTPRS.  It is a great opportunity for passionate teachers to share their craft.

Last year, at the national conference I loved being apart of the Mandarin course with Linda Li.  I think it is the most valuable thing a teacher can do… become a student.  With Chinese it is so easy to feel inadequate, slow, even stupid, as a teacher we should never forget what it is to sit in a seat for 6 hours a day and sometimes be lost.

My take away from the first time I learned Mandarin was how repetition was so important to the point I couldn’t get enough.  My take away from round 2 is how important brain breaks are.  After paying attention for a over an hour we just need to stop and relax.  I forgot about that type of mental exhaustion.  I guess this explains teenagers when they look at their teachers with the lights are on and but nobody is home glare.  :)



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