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I have noticed that once teachers start their path of falling in love with teaching with comprehensible input they start to to deal with the anxiety of what to do next. Those are real and authentic concerns.  TPRS demonstrations can be intoxicating. The thoughts rush through our heads about starting the school year with wonderful student engagement and big laughs…the next series of thoughts are about the realities of “doing school.”

My suggestion is to consider the types of stories and resources you plan to use that are CI/TPRS based and make attempts to consider what materials are part of the current curriculum of your school.  You can see from this 4 page document that in a Spanish 1 class this combination of following ideas of a textbook and CI-based principles can be done.  This was the reality of what I had to do in a large department at a large school.

This is an exciting opportunity to combine an established curriculum with wonderful “new” ideas and resources.  As time goes on teachers can discover what works and what doesn’t….the reality is we are always making adjustments in some way.

The Word document below is an attempt to show in a brief way a scope and sequence that is filled with my favorite CI resources.  Copy and change it or use it as an inspiration to develop one that fits your needs.

Spanish 1-2 Scope and Sequence New

P.S. If you develop lovely ones that you would like to share, I would be happy to post on your behalf for others…

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  • Great advice, Mike. This sort of a document can go a long way in communicating with traditional colleagues who might be afraid that CI/TPRS is a feel-good romp to nowhere. I’m going to try using this format this year.

    John Bracey 4 years ago Reply

  • Hi Mike! I work at a small private school and do not have to tie to a textbook, but I do need to come up with a scope and sequence. I teach non-targetted, student interest based, Sweet 16 HFV using stories, student interviews, weekend talk, movie talks, music, culture, and SSR. If you could do your S&S without having to please your admin, what would it look like, and how would you differentiate between levels when we are really spiraling out our vocab based on student interest yet keeping the Sweet 16 as the core? Thanks for all you do for the teaching community! Laura

    Laura Cenci 11 months ago Reply

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