MovieTalk Demonstration


MovieTalk or MovieTalks as I like to call it, is a form of teaching with comprehensible input that uses any form of a video clip that the teacher narrates and creates discussion in the target language.  It is a very direct way to engage students in a story and use language.

The nice thing about MTs is that the content the story is already mostly presented. The teachers job is to narrate the story using language that serves a purpose for the level and curriculum of the story.  As the week move on so the the advancement and development of the language being used.

These are clips from a summer school class.  You might notice that some students are very “relaxed” in these classes, that is perfectly okay.  I am teaching to the eyes and am confident that they are being exposed to INPUT that they understand.

I prefer using cartoon type animations and I use them in a variety of ways.  I also create Powerpoints of the stories and take many weeks discussing the details in a story.

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