Octapodi Movietalk (one of my favorites)

Octapodi Movietalk (one of my favorites)

There is a lot of discussion about how to use Movietalk in TPRS. Movietalks is basically using the target language and talking your way through any type of clip in a comprehensible way.  This is a great way to create novelty for our students.

Here are some of my thoughts. It doesn’t matter how you do it…just do it. An animation can be very compelling.

Find clips that are interesting and fun for the students and start talking. Talk about the characters, the colors, the problems, objects in the background, the details, anything that you can in the TL. Use PQA if you are comfortable.

When you go too fast…slow down. When you get to grammar they don’t know…teach the grammar. Circle, point and pause, and then circle again. Stick to the basics of TPRS as you create your story.

Everyone will have their own style that will be dictated upon many factors that include student demographics, level of class, time of day, time of year, length of class, teaching experience…the list goes. Just get talking and you will find your way.  This is a great way to practice circling actually.

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