Belizean Creole with Brian Peck

Brian Peck is a fabulous TPRS Spanish teacher from Michigan. I first met him at iFLT 2014 in Denver. This year I had the pleasure of spending time with him in the evening coaching sessions developed by Ben Slavic. Ben conducted his famous “War Room” sessions at iFLT 2015 but

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Teaching documents from Grant Boulanger

Every teacher needs to communicate learning objectives to students, parents, and supervising colleagues. I love using Bryce Hedstrom’s Administrator checklist to help observers but there is a need to be transparent with students as well.

Grant Boulanger of Minnesota has shared some wonderful resources that can help teachers and students “check

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Word Walls


I have to say that the mileage for providing input using word walls this year has to be a record.  I teach both present and past tenses with beginning learners and even though I do this from the very beginning of the year, I never stop pointing to these.

Students see

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2015-03-30 12.47.39

Fluency writing examples

One way that I assess the fluency development of my students is through timed or speed writing. After my students have been exposed to a rich diet of Comprehensible Input via aural and reading strategies found in common practices in TPRS, I want to check and see what they can

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A C.I. Rebuttal by Eric Herman

Eric Herman for the last couple of years has offered quality information about teaching with Comprehensible Input.  He is able to articulate the finer points of TCI because of his obvious passion for the research behind language acquisition.  One of the things I admire about Eric is that he also

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S and S

Making TPRS look like school

I have noticed that once teachers start their path of falling in love with teaching with comprehensible input they start to to deal with the anxiety of what to do next. Those are real and authentic concerns.  TPRS demonstrations can be intoxicating. The thoughts rush through our heads about starting

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Teacher Spotlight: Eric Herman

Eric Herman of Edgartown, MA has been sharing great information with the TPRS/TCI community for the past few years. He is a pretty amazing teacher and is so passionate about the research of Second Language Acquisition and getting the best results from his students in a loving way. I do

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CI resources by Bryce Hedstrom

This is a long overdue post to mention a superb teacher Bryce Hedstrom, who develops useful resources and trains teachers in teaching with comprehensible input. I love using Bryce’s materials. He often shares much of his products for free and other amazing materials for a modest cost. Bryce also is

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2015-05-11 13.34.11

Extended timed writing

502, 522, 638, 737, 706, 557,616, 587…these are word counts of a 20-minute writing activity from level 1 students. It should be noted that all the writings have errors in them. Are these errors a reflection of poor teaching or lazy students? ABSOLUTELY NOT! These students are able to show

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2015-03-31 19.18.32

Creativity with formative assessments

“Human minds yield helplessly to the suction of story.”  We have movies, sitcoms, soap operas, music, novels, news and even social media as evidence of human minds being attracted to stories.  Leveraging stories in the context of learning a language makes perfect sense.

Teaching with stories has been such a powerful

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PropTalks and Piratas

The use of a prop is powerful in order to engage and reengage students in a discussion. Sometimes, I use props to start a lesson and the object is the focus of our discussion. Many circling techniques can be used while presenting with a prop. Simple, everyday objects help students

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