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Going Beyond MovieTalks

MovieTalks are now pretty common in a CI -based classroom. Teachers are sharing videos and creating lessons at a rapid pace. One can easily find clips that lend themselves to classroom topics or learning objectives.  With the internet, there is no doubt that the quantity of clips are endless but

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An Interview with James Asher

Total Physical Response (TPR) is a teaching method developed by the work and research of Dr. James Asher. His contribution to teaching with comprehensible input has changed the lives of thousands of teachers and students worldwide. Even though TPR as developed by Asher, is not my principal method of delivering

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Brain Rules

Dr. John Medina wrote a New York Times Bestselling book named Brain Rules.  Every educator or parent really should know about the 12 principles discussed in this book.  Rules #4, #9 and #10 are a particular interest to me as a language teacher.

#4 | ATTENTION | “We don’t pay attention

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A MovieTalk lesson

I strategically use MovieTalk lessons throughout the school year.  Since I want to maintain a degree of novelty in my classroom I try and wait until the second half of the school year before I start using a variety of MovieTalks.  Since I do conduct my classes around a department

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“Read, Draw, Ask” Sub Plan

I am always wondering what I can leave behind for my students that allows them to develop their fluency, creativity, and doesn’t leave them frustrated. This assignment gives all types of learners an opportunity to shine at any time of the school year. This work originally comes from Crystal Barragan’s

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Wordle for storytelling

When I am working backwards from a story and teaching new vocabulary I sometimes have students make T-charts and I also like just plugging the story into wordle.net.   Just take any text of your story and Wordle will make a word cloud for you.  Sometimes you have to manipulate the

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Yo soy Krashenista

Dr. Stephen Krashen has for many decades articulated many important ideas based on evidence and research about educational issues related to reading and language learning.  He has presented evidence that spelling, grammar, vocabulary, phonics, phonics awareness, and knowledge of text structure can be acquired and improved without explicit instruction or

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C.A.S.E. and the SUPER 7

As an undergrad History Education student one of my history professors said,”If you learn any one thing from me, remember this…CASE.”

CASE stands for Copy And Steal Everything.  This is not malicious in any way.  What Professor McDonald meant by this is, if you see a good idea out there, copy

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