A deskless classroom

This is the first time that I have been able to start the year without desks.  I do have 8 desks in the back that will come in handy for certain activities.  Mostly, I believe that this is changing the purpose and behaviors of why we are in class. My

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MovieTalk Demonstration

MovieTalk or MovieTalks as I like to call it, is a form of teaching with comprehensible input that uses any form of a video clip that the teacher narrates and creates discussion in the target language.  It is a very direct way to engage students in a story and use

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Pirates of the Caribbean…

Pirates of the Caribbean...

Using student actors is powerful. Getting students to understand dialogue and narration and grammar and vocabulary is most effectively done with comprehensible input.

apunta la pistola especial

las espadas chocan

el mapa secreto para la isla secreta

“Henry defends himself well. Antonio has Henry between a

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Keep Calm and Carry/Story On

I sometimes have doubts in TCI because results can be delayed.  We live in a world where we want results right away but I always remember…

“Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to transmit a message.  For centuries stories have been told and if the story is interesting in

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El día de los muertos

Videos can teach culture, history and language all while being entertaining. I think having a reading to go along with a Movietalk activity is a great idea. I think an embedded reading with MovieTalk is an even better idea.

I use the activity below after a solid week of TPRSing the

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Jason Fritze-Rockstar teacher

Jason is a rockstar TPRS teacher and his energy and style has been a tremendous inspiration to how I express TPRS.  He is energetic, interesting, enthusiastic, poised and a very effective teacher.  When I committed 100% to TPRS, I was somewhat embarrassed to be sweaty and tired after my classes. 

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