PropTalks and Piratas

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The use of a prop is powerful in order to engage and reengage students in a discussion. Sometimes, I use props to start a lesson and the object is the focus of our discussion. Many circling techniques can be used while presenting with a prop. Simple, everyday objects help students build language around a cell phone or coffee cup or the various doors that a key might unlock. Other times of the school year may require more interesting or attractive items in order to maintain the interest of my students. Exercise equipment, instruments, and food naturally involves students because they want to hold, use, or eat such objects.

I enjoy using stories that use numerous props. The story might start with a prop that is extensively used, discussed, or demonstrated. Later, when students start to tire of the previous prop a new item can be introduced to continue the conversation and student interest. We tier or scaffold other aspects of teaching, having various levels of prop presenting is a good idea. Since students are visually interacting with the topic and items we continue to stimulate the senses and make for effective learning.

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