¿Puedo ir al baño?—Embedded Reading version A, B, C, D

Laurie Clarcq and Michele Whaley are the gurus and developers of Embedded Readings.  They are amazing ladies and I am happy and fortunate to have spent time with both of them.  Learn more at http://embeddedreading.com/

Below is a 1st step version of an Embedded reading I use with beginning level students.  This year I have used this reading on day 5 with level one students.  All week, students were engaged in various activities with the goal of using Señor Wooly’s Baño song.  If you are familiar with the song (free online), you can see in the reading, that many of the same structures appear in the reading.

The topic of coffee, caffeine, energy, and athletic/tall boys and girls was found in PQA sessions.  I was amazed how well students did with version A in just 5 days of class.  Next week, we will start all over again with the goal of using “Soy Guapo” song and a scaffolded version of the same story (versions B, C, D).

¿Puedo ir al baño?

Versión A

Hay un chico. Se llama Evan . Evan está en Illinois. Le gusta vivir en Illinois.

Evan no está contento. No tiene café. Necesita café de Starbucks.

Evan va a Chicago. Hay una chica alta. Evan le dice:

—Hola. Tengo un problema. Necesito un café. ¿Hay un Starbucks?

—No hay Starbucks pero hay Dunkin Donuts.

Evan va a Milwaukee y habla con un chico atlético.

—Hola. Yo quiero un café. ¿Hay Starbucks?

—Sí, hay Starbucks. ¿Puedo ir contigo?

El chico atlético y Evan van a  Starbucks para el café. Evan le da un café a su amigo atlético. Evan está muy contento.

An Embedded Reading that might discuss a boy going to the bathroom (like the song), is too repetitive for the students.  In this story, I use Starbucks cups as props and personalized the story to the class.  The dialogue with Evan is a perfect opportunity to model dialogue with student actors.  My goal is to always camouflage repetition and later “pull back the curtains” and show them how everything is connected.


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These are words documents of 4 versiona of Puedo ir al baño Embedded Readings.


¿Puedo ir al bañoER

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