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The results of student learning are the guiding light for everything that I do as a teacher.  Last year, I experimented by delaying student verbal output until the end of the school year.  If students wanted to speak…no problem… but it wasn’t until the end of the year when I asked students to “formally” demonstrate what they knew.

I asked over 160 students to retell me any story that we discussed throughout the 10 month school year.  It is always so impressive to see the variety of stories that students decide to retell. Some stories derive from TPRS novels, Señor Wooly songs, class stories from PQA and parallel characters, short stories, MovieTalks, or even original stories developed by students.

It amazes me that TCI/TPRS reflects such a variety in language reproduction.  The purpose of this type of video demonstration is not to show perfect language production.  It is to show authentic results of language acquisition.  One year later Jamie still knows this story.

Do my students meet standards for verbal communication by the end of Spanish level 1?

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