Student results-2nd grade

Early fluency develops in the classroom because students hear and understand the new language. The constant goal is that students hear language enough times that they go from slow processing to fast processing the language with the goal of speaking without hesitancy.  Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg of Winnetka Public Schools shared this 1-minute recording of a 2nd grader (8-yr-old) in her classroom reading a captioned storyboard based on the MovieTalk clip, Paddy Pan (

I get excited when I see students of all ages in the process of developing their fluency. Students move through levels of processing and of fluency at different paces. It gets messy to say the least. However, as Alisa shared, “Look what tons of front-loaded oral language does for literacy!  Most of his classmates can do same!” 

It is not just the ability of a 2nd grader to read that impresses me with this video, this student has very good pronunciation, speed, and shows joy as he reads. I get the sense that Alisa enjoyed teaching her classes and her students loved learning from her.


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