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Every teacher needs to communicate learning objectives to students, parents, and supervising colleagues. I love using Bryce Hedstrom’s Administrator checklist to help observers but there is a need to be transparent with students as well.

Grant Boulanger of Minnesota has shared some wonderful resources that can help teachers and students “check some boxes” on their way to acquiring language.

FreeWrite-Rubric-TARGETS 2

The free write rubric does a nice job articulating the teaching nuts and bolts of developing writing fluency.


This is Grant’s Interpersonal Communication rubric.

I can statements

I love Grant’s I can statements!  I post them in my classroom and share them with students in a very explicit way.  I appreciate the simplicity of them.  I have seen other I can statements that are very long and that make assumptions about my curriculum.  When I read these statements, I see how they easily lend themselves to comprehension-based learning and go from INPUT to OUTPUT.

Grant’s students starting point…

I can understand the gist of the story

Grant’s students top statement…

I can easily re-tell the story in Spanish from a different perspective or in a different time frame.

If you ever wonder what student partner retells look like check out Grant kids in action.


Learn more about Grant and his work at www.grantboulanger.com

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  • The feedback rubric is the best way I have seen to grade participation in a meaningful way. Can’t wait to use it in my class. Thank you for sharing!

    Lauren Tauchman 4 years ago Reply

  • These handouts are very useful for teachers, students, and administrators. They are great feedback tools, but also great for establishing clear expectations (and tools for reflection). Excellent. Grant has a lot of good ideas. It’s awesome how much sharing goes on in the TPRS/TCI Community. :)

    Richard Baker 4 years ago Reply

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