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Teaching with TPRS can be intimidating…and using TPRS strategies for teaching novels can be even more intimidating.  A teacher new to TPRS, Megan Ramsey, came to watch TPRS lessons at the beginning of the 2014 school year.  She took some notes about how to start Brandon Brown quiere un perro (also available in French).  I never have enough time or desire to record and type up a lesson like this but I sure do appreciate seeing it. Also it is very helpful that many of the novels come with amazing teacher resources that will help you find your way.

She teaches next door to me and I was hearing great things coming from her room the following day.  This is a copy of her notes (see attached).  I was blown away with what she was doing.  She has never taught with TPRS or with readers and she was using student actors just like I did.  I was not confident using student actors in the beginning…in fact it…my lessons would fall flat when I would try it. I was not capable enough to keep a story going, include student dialogue, and deal with class management.

Her script really helped her…I hope it is helpful to others that might be starting this story this year. Here is a link to the word document so you can alter it. and here are some of the steps she recorded.


Student Actors: Brandon, Papá, Mamá, Hermana (Katie), amigo (Jake)

  1. Pull up a boy “Hay un chico!” El chico se llama Brandon
  2. Brandon no es adulto, es un niño
  3. Brandon es un niño y solo tiene ocho años
    1. Teach “I have eight years”
  4. ¿Cuántos años tiene Brandon—point to question word
  5. Brandon tiene 8 años y tiene un papá (bring up another actor)
  6. El papá se llama Sr. Brown
  7. ¿Es el padre estricto o flexible?
  8. Ask student “ Eres tu un padre estricto?
  9. Tiene una esposa, se llama la Señora Brown (pull up a girl)
  10. Brandon tiene una papá y una mamá, tiene papas
  11. ¿Es estricta la madre? Si   (get them to say también)
  12. Pero, la mama de Brandon es muy muy simpática
  13. ¿Eres tu una mamá? ¿ Eres simpática? Eres tú estricta?
    1. Tu eres una mama simpática, estricta y generosa
  14. Hay otra persona en la familia, Si tú piensas es una hermana, levanta la mano
  15. Es una hermana mayor/ menor?
    1. ¿Es Brandon un hermano menor o mayor? Ask a student
    2. Ask ¿Es Kevin correcto?
    3. Get girls to stand up
    4. Nosotros buscamos una hermana mayor

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