TPRS: Evolution or Creation by Carol Gaab


Going back to 2006 Carol Gaab wrote an article in Language Magazine that still has A LOT of value today. She writes about the evolution of TPRS and discusses its advancement (which 9 years later may be TCI). Carol also says that there is really nothing new about it. TPRS is just a representation of a combination of a variety of time-tested and proven methodologies.

The series of questions she presents speaks volumes to me as a classroom teacher. These questions lead me to what Carol declares as the goal of TPRS, and the goal is “language use for meaning and understanding.” These “should” questions keep me on the path of developing fluency/proficiency in my students.

“Should teachers teach grammar in context? Should teachers provide comprehensible input? Should teachers use the TL in context, while making it understanding and interesting to students? Should teachers help students develop reading comprehension skills and provide students with level-appropriate material in the TL? Should teachers go beyond teaching culture and help students experience it?”

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  • I really liked this article by Carol Gaab. It is a very diplomatic article and is not condescending to teachers who may not use or don’t use TPRS consistently. It makes its point though that TPRS is a very good way to teach with Comprehensible Input (CI). If there were a rubric to evaluate a World Language teacher; what Gaab says with her litany of questions is spot on!

    The answer to all of her questions is an unqualified YES!!!

    Tomás Blair 4 years ago Reply

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