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In a packed auditorium, Craig Sheehy shared what he does with classroom jobs at NTPRS 2014.  This is such a great way to build community, engage students, create novelty, and use various forms of formative assessments.  Craig mentioned that the results of student learning was exponentially higher when using such jobs…

Students have jobs from taking detailed notes for missing students, to counting the number of times a grammar structure is used in class, to making sound effects, to keeping students and/or teacher in the target language. Some jobs are meant to relax the students and keep the learning environment pleasant and fun, others are academic and very business-like. This is perfect for differentiating instruction and meeting the needs of my students

I found it helpful to color code my daily jobs. My favorite job by far, was found on Ben Slavic’s website,  the “KINDNESS RECORDER.” The role of this student job is to tracks the number of kind/thoughtful acts carried out by individuals in the class and are shared at the end of the week.

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  • This is one of my teaching goals, incorporating more student jobs into our class. Thanks for the timely post.

    mpeto 5 years ago Reply

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