What do students think about their learning?

“Teacher think” and “Student think” are different phenomenons happening at the same time in a classroom.  Teachers have their objectives and plans for the year and students are …well… students.  They don’t always care about the teacher agenda.  As a teacher I think it is very important to stay grounded in the students think and feel about their learning.

I am always asking students to reflect on their learning.  This is such an important tool to guide teaching and learning.  Over the years, I have collected boxes of student surveys. Here is a 2 page example from July 2014.  Click the pictures to see them better.


page 1-qualitative data

For me, the actual act of reading student handwriting is the most important information I ever receive. I save all of it!  It is personal, concrete feedback that is somewhat anonymous. I value positive and negative feedback from my students.  I love when they can articulate the learning processes that they are involved in.  I do have testing data for the last 4 years but these type of surveys are what makes me a better teacher and guides learning.

Click the pictures to see them a little clearer!

Page 2

Page 2-qualitative date

In their own language I can see how students start to understand what is important in a Spanish class. They see that relationships with the people in the room, exposure to language they understand and find interesting, and the creation of relevant experiences leads to acquiring.

If you want to use this type for student survey in your classes.  Here ya go.  Survey2


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