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When I am working backwards from a story and teaching new vocabulary I sometimes have students make T-charts and I also like just plugging the story into wordle.net.   Just take any text of your story and Wordle will make a word cloud for you.  Sometimes you have to manipulate the text so that your high frequency words pop up.  You can see here that some English even showed up because some questions on our activity were in English. This was a día de los muertos reading.


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  • I really like the idea of word clouds for stories-it could be cool for the students to see what words we are focusing on in the stories in a different way. What do you do with them with the kids? Do you show the clouds to them only or do you have them do activities with them (or create one themselves)?
    Thanks for the ideas!

    senorfernie 4 years ago Reply

  • I use word banks like WORDLE in different ways depending on the frequency level of the words. Sometimes it makes sense for reviewing, or pre-teaching, or using during storytelling. The thing I have not used it for but I am considering… is for fluency/speed writes. I do not want students to use their monitor when they write but sometimes it helps inspire more language when they can look up at words from a specific story.

    I think the way the algorithm works for WORDLE is a great tool to show the hierarchy of the words in a story. The bigger the word the more frequently the word appears in the story.

    mikecoxon55 4 years ago Reply

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